Leeds United Football Club have one of the best fan bases in the country, if not the best fan base. Consistently averaging 30,000 fans at home games and filling out away ends do Leeds Unite deserve their fans?

Simply, no they do not. However, luckily for the club, the players and the owner Leeds fans are the most loyal in the country. As fans they followed their side through the ups and downs and will continue to do so. When the club was being relegated from the premier league the fans stuck by them. After disappointing seasons in the champions which ultimately resulted in relegation, the fans stuck by them. During the administration period when Leeds started on minus points, the fans helped them finish in the play off places and again were disappointed. Presently the fans are the driving force and I think finally the players and the manager are starting to realise the fans are here for the long haul.

George Wood/Getty Images Sport

With the death of the Leicester owner Vichai Rasriaksorn this month other owners should be modelling themselves on his values and recognising fans are a big part of the football club just as he did. Leicester fan received perks for example, free drinks and food during certain games. Does the Leeds owner do any of this? No. Whilst Andrea is a lot better than previous owner, he could still acknowledge the fans make the club what it is. Vichai Rasriaksorn did this and he was a god in the city of Leicester. The fans deserve something more than a word on twitter about how great they have been, they deserve cheaper ticket prices, discounted season tickets and ultimately premier league football.

If Leeds was more than a one club city would the majority of fans still be here? Yes they would because they are the most loyal and dedicated fans in the country. If any other fans in this country had to deal with the issues that Leeds United fans have in the last decade, they simply would not put up with it.

Do Leeds United deserve their fans, recent history tells us not. That is why the Leeds fans are the envy of every other club, they are simply the best in the country by a long way.